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Hello, my name is Jill Chestang. I am the owner and operator of Perfect Blend Coffee. My desire is that every person who experiences Perfect Blend Coffee knows that great time, care and quality went into every bag of ground coffee we produce.

My God-given passion to positively touch lives and my love of coffee led me to the wonderful world of coffee supply. This is why I started Perfect Blend Coffee, not only to provide great tasting coffee but also to follow this passion to the fullest.


Perfect Blend Coffee is a local coffee distributor that offers a variety of original blends. Each blend is uniquely designed to arouse the pallet of any coffee lover.

Our distinctive blends offer you exceptional flavor and taste. They are hand-mixed and ground exclusively from our kitchen. These secret recipes can only be found at Perfect Blend Coffee!

“More than coffee, it’s the perfect blend”

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Founded in 2009